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September 2014 Dance registration is now open!


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Oakville Dance Studios

212 Wyecroft Rd #21 Oakville, ON L6K 3T9

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Oakville Dance Studios is a proud part of the Academy of Music family

Oakville Dance Studios

Hip Hop Kids


(905) 845-1227


Recreational dance studio Oakville


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Are we the right dance school for you?


Oakville Hip Hop Kids is a brand new recreational dance program designed to give kids an introduction to hip hop dance and beyond.  Your kids will have a blast learning how to dance and express themselves in these high energy, fun filled classes.


While you are here researching the best dance school for you please consider the benefits of becoming an Oakville Hip Hop student and find out why our programs are perfect for your little hip hop dancer.


Oakville Dance Studio


6 benefits of becoming an Oakville Hip Hop student

1. Small Class Sizes

All of our classes are limited to 15 kids each.  Dance schools often have as many as 25 kids in a class.  Our smaller class sizes mean that your kids will get more personal attention from the teacher and get more out of the class..

2. All Dance Classes are Recreational

Most dance studios focus on competitive programs.  While some do have recreational classes the majority of their attention goes to the competitive kids.  Oakville Hip Hop Kids is a completely recreational program so all the kids will be treated the same.


3.  The best waiting room in Oakville


Instead of waiting in a dull room lined with chairs, our Parents and siblings can enjoy several play areas at KidSportsPlex.  Keep brothers and sisters entertained at the toddler play center, craft table, or the video game table.  Or you can just sit and relax in a comfortable lounge chair.   Visit the on-line tour page to see the facility.


4. Participate in the year end dance recital in June


This low pressure performance is designed for the kids to share what they learned with friends and family.  Just kids having fun showing off their new dance skills in a low key and relaxed performance.


5. Learn about choreography and how dance routines are put together for recitals and pop videos


The kids will help choreograph the final recital with all the cool hip hop dance moves they learned throughout the season (with the teacher's guidance of course).

6. Convenient Location


Oakville Hip Hop Kids is conveniently located at Kids Sportplex, 212 Wyecroft Rd. #22.  Kids Sportsplex in an interactive, one of a kind, indoor playground and sports facility.  Perfect for kid's birthday parties and other special events.  Learn more about Kids Sportsplex at www.kidsportsplex.com

Dance Studio Schedule and Fees

Wednesdays beginning September 17, 2014

4, 5             5:30pm - 30 minute class (Hip Hop Kidddies)
6, 7             6:00 pm - 45 minute class

8, 9             6:45 pm - 45 minute class

10, 11        7:30 pm - 45 minute class


Hip Hop Kiddies - $39/month

All other recreational dance classes - $49/month


- Dance fees must be paid by auto debit or pre-authorized credit card at time of registration

Dance classes are first come first serve.  Call now to register - (905) 845-1227




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What is Hip Hop Dance?


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Hip hop dance is a very popular style of dancing.  Although it's roots go back to the 1960's it is more popular today than ever before.  Hip hop dance is not as fluid as many other dance styles but is very rhythmic and funky!  Although there are many hip hop moves that are commonly taught, there is also an element that is more improvisational.  This is the kind of dance that you see in most modern pop videos.



Oakville Hip Hop Dance Registration


(905) 845-1227


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Oakville Dance Studios is a proud part of the Academy of Music family

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